Multilingual 101

zombree , pbarclay, mgreen

Having tackled two multilingual builds in the past year, one with just 2 languages and the next with 5 (!) -- including a Right-to-Left language -- we want to share what we've learned. We will walk you through the building blocks and the underlying concepts that go into creating a multilingual Drupal 8 site. We will also touch on decisions that need to be made around translations and managing the content.

Things we'll talk about:

An overview of the multi-language experience that we wanted to create.
The structure of multilingual content, and decisions to make when migrating content.
Managing the translations process
A review of the core modules involved, and the basic setup required to enable multilingual translation.
The difference between content, config, and interface translations.
A look into translating views.
Considerations for search.
Right-to-Left language challenges.
Making sure your custom code is translatable.
Gotchas, tips and tricks, lessons learned.

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