Unicorn Hunting - How to find (and keep) great engineering talent


Finding good engineers is hard. Finding great engineers can seem impossible.

You have a job description. You think you know what you’re looking for but none of the candidates seem to meet your criteria. You are hunting for a unicorn, the perfect engineer who doesn’t seem to exist.

Maybe you’ve found your unicorn and they’ve joined your team. The job market is still highly competitive and recruiters are relentless. How are you going to keep them around?

Mobomo’s VP of Engineering, Jason Schulte, will share strategies for evaluating candidates and how to effectively communicate with them during and after the hiring process. He has over 5 years of experience hunting and shepherding unicorn’s for Mobomo.

This session will cover:

What you need to know before interviewing a candidate.
How to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills and culture fit.
When to take a risk on someone who doesn’t me all of your criteria
Why an exact set of technical skills are not always required.
Where to focus your efforts in order to keep your unicorn
Whether you currently have unicorns or are looking to add one to your team, you will come away with strategies for finding and keeping great engineering talent.


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