Why We Can't Have Nice Things: 19 Overused Drupal Buzzwords to Stop Using in 2019


Hey, bro. Is your Drupal site headless? Decoupled? Headless and decoupled? Is it on a blockchain? Data-driven and cloud-first? Oh, and by site I of course mean ambitious omnichannel digital experience. Sorry for the (inevitable) confusion!

Yeah, we're pretty tired of the buzzword arms race too. That's why this lighthearted and at-times irreverent talk will break down the 19 most maddening and meaningless Drupal-adjacent buzzwords of 2019 and show why each of them deserves to be banned from your vocabulary faster than a microservice architecture serves a page request.

Along the way we'll identify the real, plain-language concepts behind some of these terms and show how the buzzword mania can often distract from and interfere with our shared goal of finding elegant technical solutions to complex problems.


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