Migration's Missing Instruction Manual

Speaker: JimSmith

You've finally been given the go-ahead to migrate your Drupal 7 site to a shiny, new Drupal 8 site.

"Great!" you say. It's the opportunity you've been waiting for. Now you can clean up the cruft and start with a clean slate.

So you start reading everything you can, watching every tutorial you can find, about Drupal 8 migrations. These sources do a fine job of explaining the basics, and once you think you've understood them you dig in.

And then reality sets in. All of those blog posts and videos only covered the basics of a simple migration. You discover your site is much more complicated than the examples used, so you try googling for answers again. Only now you're more confused. You're not even sure you're asking the right questions.

That's where my team members and I were when we were given the task of migrating a site containing 30,000 nodes, 1700 users, and 800 taxonomy terms. The site also had a mind-boggling 45 different content types. Along the way to moving everything to our new site we made a lot of mistakes and a lot of discoveries.

In this session I will share tips and secrets of migration we learned that weren't found in blog posts and tutorial videos. I'll uncover hidden features and undocumented tricks that made a big difference in successfully moving our site.


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