Veni, Vidi, Vici: Conquering the Editorial Experience

With the advent of page editors like Gutenberg and Layout Builder, content management systems are increasing focus on enhancing the editorial experience. In migrating Major League Soccer's website to Drupal 8, we had a very unique set of goals. Our first goal was to give content editors the flexibility to create stories and preview them as they would appear on the front end. We also wanted to store structured content in the database instead of many field tables. Another goal was to share React components between the this and the front-end system, to prevent inconsistency and promote reuse. Enter Slate.js, a React-based editor with a strong foundation and growing community. Join us for a walkthrough of how we've been integrating it into Drupal 8 as an alternative to CKEditor, Paragraphs and Bricks. The target audience of this session is developers who have intermediate experience with React and Drupal and have a desire for enhancing the admin and editorial experience in Drupal.

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