Burnout and Imposter Syndrome tips: my continuing journey to help myself and others - cferthorney

Taking a basis in how I came back from severe burnout, this presentation expands upon the tips I generated throughout my 15+ years as a developer (And far to many years experience at life in general) to provide more tips and tricks that can help you beat burnout and imposter syndrome. The presentation includes a more human feel to what imposter syndrome and burnout actually are, more tips and tricks that may be of use to people (Including ones that didn't work for me but others stories have highlighted worked for them) and ideas to further expand the conversation into the Drupal Community and how audience members can help either in the UK or from abroad.

Rough timeline:

Introduction to me and any necessary terms (3 - 5 mins)
Burnout (5 - 10 mins)
What worked
What didn't
Imposter Syndrome (5 - 10 mins)
What worked
What didn't
What the community can do to help others in preventing burnout and/or imposter syndrome (5 - 10 mins)
Q & A (Any remaining time, 5+ minutes)

Previous versions of this talk have been given at Drupalcon Amsterdam 2019 and North West Drupal User Group (Jan 2020), but this is an iteration of these talks and not a direct repeat.


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