Drupalcamp London 2020 - CXO Day Keynote - Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

"Value Mapping: Building Understanding, Communicating the Benefits of What You Do."

For your product or service, we will show you how to build what we call a Value Map. Creating a Value Map can clarify and enhance everyone in your organization’s understanding of what your product is, what it does, and build consensus around what value it delivers.

The result of this collaborative effort is a set of agreed-upon language that everyone across all roles and departments can use to describe, position, write, and talk about your work consistently. It provides a single, sane, maintainable source of truth to use when creating all kinds of assets: sales, marketing, tech roadmaps, hiring materials, and more.

The Value Map helps developers and technical roles see and understand the connection between their work, down in the details of technical implementation, as part of delivering value to your clients and their respective missions. It helps sales and marketing departments communicate confidently, knowing that their big gestures and rhetoric are backed up by technical reality.

Use the Value Map to

Build your communication and marketing strategy and marketing campaigns

Create content and communications materials

Inform your technical feature roadmap, priorities, and planning

Build a competitive matrix with your competition

Plan site and information architecture

And more …

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