Drupalcamp London 2020 - CXO Day Keynote - Kevin Bridges

"Taming complexity to champion creativity"

Managing an agency that delivers compelling digital experiences in a precise and competitive field is a challenge that by necessity takes many of us out of our comfort zones. Teams must be able to work together successfully in a culture full of inspired, highly creative, passionate individuals and an ever expanding list of tools and technology. In this session we will review some of the complex considerations and challenges an organization must navigate in order to access new opportunities that are changing the way that we do business.

Complexity arises throughout an end to end work cycle: starting from defining business goals, aligning a product with those goals, facilitating communication between product and technical teams so that technical can have input and execute predictably, handing everything to sprint planning while accounting for testing, validating what is delivered before it's released including documentation, releasing it, and building the communities necessary to support users and drive the future roadmap. whew.

How can we bring all these pieces of a business together to execute effectively? We'll look at the specific challenges and solutions you might examine for your team and how those choices will impact efficiency and open the door to new possibilities.

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