Stop buying Drupal websites, buy open digital experiences to increase customer life time value

According to Gartner 93% of customer experience projects yield return on investment. Visionary enterprises are moving away from building individual Drupal websites and are moving towards Digital eXperience Platforms (DXP).

This session explains how Drupal combined with other open source frameworks can be deployed as an open Digital eXperience Platform, making this powerful technology also accesible for midsized businesses, organisations and governments.

Attendees will learn:

what the key differences are between building regular websites and a Digital Experience Platform.
how they can use a DXP to drive their digital transformation and increase customer life time values.
how to build an open DXP framework based on multiple open source components such as Drupal, Mautic and Unomi.

Dominique De Cooman is an expert in creating digital customer experiences with Drupal over the last 12 years. He helped hundreds of organisations with their open digital experiences and their digital transformation. He is the founder and CEO of Dropsolid, a Belgian based company helping businesses with digital strategy, UX, agile implementations and optimizations. It leverages an in-house built Open Digital Experience Platform to give businesses total control and freedom in creating their digital experiences.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.