Keynote: Moving beyond CMS, enter DXP. An Open Source Approach

Nick Veenhof

Websites are not enough. Business these days are required to deliver highly personalized digital experiences to their stakeholders to remain competitive, and need to adhere to consent management and the GDPR rules, within a reasonable cost. The discontinuation of the CMS magic quadrant in favor of a DXP magic quadrant confirms this trend. When moving beyond CMS to DXP, what does this mean for Drupal and what are your opportunities?

I will talk about what defines a DXP and how it translates to a technical solution. You’ll discover some of the possible components to create an Open DXP with Drupal, Mautic and Apache Unomi at the core. The session includes a technical deep dive into Apache Unomi, and a practical approach to learning from your visitor data and using AI and ML to enhance your Drupal sites with real-time personalization. I will explain how adding marketing automation adds up to a great Open DXP platform.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.