Your Drupal site personalized like Netflix - akanksha-hp

In this session, we will try to explain how Netflix’s personalization approaches to display tailored content to each user can be implemented in Drupal using existing modules and technologies.

Drupal is the CMS of choice when it comes to creating content rich sites. However, it is no longer enough to display the same content to all users. In a world where diversity is increasingly obvious and celebrated, websites have to step up their game and adapt to a wide range of users and their preferences. This is where Personalisation comes in. While Netflix personalization is complex and composed of thousands of algorithms, it can be broken down into distinct use cases which can then be solved independently.

Presentation Flow:

Why Personalize

Understanding Netflix personalization use-cases

Getting started with Personalization your Drupal solution
-- Comparison of existing modules/technologies

Solving Netflix like personalized use-cases in Drupal
-- Applying modules to different use-cases
-- Comparing different Drupal personalisation modules for solving the same use-case.

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