Automate Drupal 9 upgrades: Addressing deprecated code as a community

Automation tools can provide a headstart in updating custom and contributed code in order to be Drupal-9 ready. is committed to increasing the coverage of these tools and is welcoming contributions.

Manually addressing deprecations in custom and contributed code is the most challenging part of upgrading to Drupal 9 and affects nearly every Drupal 8 site. The process is often more challenging than finding a deprecated function and replacing it with a new one; the challenge comes from learning how to use the new systems. Automation can help jump-start code updates as well as help developers learn to use these new systems. The Php community has built a tool called Rector which automates a lot of this work. has started building off of a community proof-of-concept called Rector for Drupal. We’ll talk about how to use the tool, how to build Rectors, and how to identify high-priority deprecated features.

Learning Objectives

Run automated code updates on your site
Develop automated tasks that can be shared among the Drupal community
Develop Drupal 9-ready coding practices
This session is for:

Drupal 8 backend developers
Drupal 8 module maintainers
Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with Drupal 8 backend development basics.

Dan Montgomery
Senior Engineer and Technical Architect @
Technical Architect with an interest in Drupal and frontend technologies like React. Outside of work I love playing board games and video games and trying out different craft hobbies.

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