Planning For Personalization: Tips for Dev, Design, & IA

Personalization - buzzword, marketing strategy, essential component - whether you’ve heard the buzz or are actively customizing experiences for your site visitors, knowing what tactics and concepts to incorporate into your site designs and builds can set you up for success.

A site launch can represent a significant milestone, but can also be a stepping stone to continued improvement and maturing capabilities.

Personalization may not be on the roadmap today, but designing for the possibility of personalization can only benefit you and your site’s stakeholders, decreasing development costs and increasing the value you deliver.

Best practices around modular design, user messaging, content structure, taxonomy, and site setup can be added to your workflow usually with minimal changes to your typical process. Learn the questions to ask, the ideas to incorporate, and start down a path to personalization that can scale with your capabilities.

Jon Meck
VP of Marketing @ Bounteous
Jon Meck is VP of Marketing at Bounteous, where he helps leading companies create big-picture digital solutions by optimizing the flow of data, insights, and interactions across the digital brand experience. His superhero job is traveling the country teaching others about Google Products and speaking at industry conferences like Inbound and SMX. He has a background working for companies large and small in analytics, conversion optimization, social media, and website design. Jon is also the author of two number puzzle books.

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