Preparing custom and contributed code for Drupal 9.

Drupal 9 is nearly here, with the promise of allowing the same contributed and custom code to work in both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. This presentation will discuss some of the practical aspects of making that happen for custom and contributed code maintainers.

The session will begin with a very brief overview of the current state of Drupal 9. It will then give a brief overview of how to prepare both custom and contributed code right now so that it is ready for Drupal 9 when it is released.

We discuss changes to vendor dependencies, and server requirements in Drupal 9, particularly the change from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.3, and how that might affect modules or custom code in certain cases and how to manage it.

The session will then discuss some practical aspects of making this happen. Drupal 8.8 deprecated a large amount of code, and the replacement code paths are not available in Drupal 8.7 which has security support up until the day Drupal 9 is released. We will discuss how to find and fix deprecations now so that code is ready to go on the day Drupal 9 is released.

We will discuss how to audit a site for Drupal 9 readiness, and how developers can engage with maintainers of the modules they use to help prepare them for Drupal 9.

Finally we will discuss options for contributed module and custom code management around the Drupal 9 release and beyond, weighing the pros and cons of the different ways to ensure your module and code will work across all needed versions of Drupal 9.

There will be a follow-up BoF after the session to provide an opportunity for further discussion and a Q&A session.

Michael Lutz
Senior Engineer @ Four Kitchens

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