Surviving the Drupal Learning Curve

Our Drupal community is as strong as our ability to share our practice with others. To successfully teach others, we need to first step back and remember the obstacles Drupal beginners face. I came across an interesting diagram comparing the inverse relationship between confidence and knowledge when it comes to learning in the tech world. I enjoy expressing concepts through visual representations, so I decided to draw my own version.

As I continue to encounter these learning curves, I can't help but ask -- what can make this process easier? As developers, we will always return to this learning curve as we move with innovation and from project to project, needing to learn new ways to encounter unique problems. We will continue to face waves of learning no matter what our expertise or experience level. It's inevitable, so how can we make it better?

What if we had a seed project with good practices implemented for beginners to interact with? What if we had a "stupid questions" lunch to create a safe environment to ask anything about Drupal? What if we blocked off an hour each week for more seasoned developers to teach a "Drupal class"? What if we had beginners teach, so we understand how they are learning?

Within our Drupal community we have a wealth of experience and ideas. By continuing to share our knowledge we create feedback loops that improve our processes and help people resurface faster.

In this talk I will explore the Drupal learning curve and offer my experience and perspective learning Drupal.

We'll discuss how to:

Keep learning curve momentum
Improve the quality of our learning
Onboard our teams more efficiently

Laura Haskell
Drupal Developer @ VMLY&R
Laura flipped her career from marketing to technology with LaunchCode, a non-profit organization helping individuals land careers in technology. She started working with Drupal at VMLY&R and enjoys continuing to learn through and give back to the community. She is currently co-coordinating Kansas City's 2nd Annual Drupal Flyover Camp with the Kansas City Drupal User Group.

She is also passionate about supporting diversity in technology and volunteers as the Internal Technology Director for Kansas City Women in Technology, a grassroots organization helping to grow the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City.

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