Your data model is terrible! Let me show you why.

Drupal is a world class data modeling tool, but that doesn’t mean it prevents you from making terrible choices. In this session we’re going to explore common site building and data modeling techniques, what those techniques actually mean for your site’s long term maintainability and scalability, and what other options you might have that will be easier to maintain and scale with your needs.

Topics covered will include:

Understanding Benefits and Tradeoffs of Entity References

Paragraphs and Entity Reference Revisions

Compound Fields

Layout Builder

To get better visibility into these topics, we’re going to be using the contrib depcalc module, which will show how entities inter-relate to any other entity. We’ll couple this with common data model examples and some alternatives to see exactly how each data model example works and what its potential ramifications are.

Learning Objectives
Common Data modeling principles in Drupal

Understanding of how a data model affects your site

Improvements that can be made to common data models.

Target Audience
Site builders of all stripes! If you're building sites, this is information you should know.

If you've ever created a Drupal site with content types that use entity references, this session will be chalk full of information you care about.

Kris Vanderwater
Sr. Software Engineer, Tech Lead @ Acquia

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