All the ways! [to build a website]

Rick Hood (


In the beginning, websites were simply a bunch of files that "webmasters" uploaded to a server somewhere via FTP. Fast forward to 2020 -- 30 years after the first web browser was invented -- and there is a massive, wonderful, but very confusing array of software, methods and services to build websites with. Much of this change has been due to the rise of Javascript, for both the front and back end of websites, and "static" site generators, as well as the rise of SaaS offerings from Squarespace to Contentful.

This talk will offer a brief history of how we got here, and then tour and describe the many methods available today for building and publishing websites.

Topics covered will include: Squarespace to Drupal to Contentful to Graph CMS; Jekyll to Eleventy to Gatsby; Bluehost to Acquia to Netlify; and ASP to Rails to PHP to Javascript ...and more.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.