Hacking Your Emotional API

John Sawers (https://emotionalapi.com/)

Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/johnksawers/hacking-your-emotional-api

Being a good developer isn't just about slinging code; we're part of a community. Interacting with others in a community means feelings are involved.

But feelings are messy and uncomfortable, so why can't you just ignore them? Because emotional skills are critical for working well on a team, and for writing code every day.

In this talk you'll learn how emotions are affecting you by modeling them as an API and looking at the code.

- http://aliceamos.me/p3retreat/ (The one I teach with Alice Amos)
- https://www.p3workshops.com/ (Very similar model)
- https://thecrucibleproject.org/ (Looks great, was planning to go to April weekend)
- https://emotionalapi.com/workshops.html (A 4-hour workshop version of my talk, where you get to practice the tools)

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