Come to the Dark Side (of UX), We Have Cookies

User Experience (UX) was first envisioned as a way to make life better for product users. However, this mindset is being implemented as a way to trick people into using a product for as long as possible. Come and experience the Dark Side of user experience, and why the techniques used by companies such as Amazon, Instagram, and EA are so effective at keeping users engaged. Learn how to recognize these techniques and avoid them yourself, and what to do to create better engagement with your users in the long run without resorting to the Dark Side.

To educate users on how UX can affect a product, in positive or negative ways. To give a clearly defined overview of how Dark UX is utilized within apps that millions of people use on a daily basis, and how these intentional design decisions (while creating some sort of advantage for the company) always come at a cost to the user. To showcase how long term relationships can be created with users by creating systems they enjoy without these tactics.

Introduction to user experience principles, the benefit to users, and where to look for more information on creating positive user experiences. Specific examples of how Dark UX is implemented in popular software that is being used today. Knowledge about how each system has been affected by Dark UX, and tools to identify where this appears in numerous types of software.

Ian Geiman
Graduate Student Instructor @ University of Michigan
I'm Ian, a current graduate student at the University of Michigan studying Human Centered Research and Design. On the side I work on client projects, do photography, and add more hobbies to my already long list.

Amanda Bassett
MSI Candidate @ University of Michigan School of Information

Mariah Jacobs
MSI Candidate @ University of Michigan
I am a current graduate student at the University of Michigan's School of Information, interested in the intersection between design and development. Following the completion of my M.S., I plan to begin my career as a UX Engineer in the Pacific Northwest's Silicon Forest. When I'm not coding, studying, or working, you're likely to find me with a cat, a cup of chai, and a good book.

Casey Tin
Student @ University of Michigan

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