Creative Coding with P5.js - A Gateway Drug for the Code Phobic

Chris Amato

There's an ancient Zimbabwean proverb that goes something like:

If you can talk, you can sing.
If you can walk, you can dance.
If you can type, you can code.

So bring your laptops - Chromebooks are fine! Have you ever wanted to program but just felt like you'd "aged out", or just didn't have what it takes to parse the bizarre characters and logic of code. Balderdash! This session is designed to not only demonstrate how anyone can learn to code, but that it can be totally fun!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start coding neat, colorful animations within minutes. We'll be using the P5.js JavaScript framework, which is designed specifically to make coding more accessible than ever.

- Must take some minimal pleasure in colors
- Must delight in watching things dance around the screen.
- Mastery of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and (sorry) division.
- Left vs. right differentiation
- Hunt-and-peck typing skills

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