Digital transformation at Argonne National Laboratory

In 2017, Argonne National Laboratory began developing a platform for our multi-faceted communication channels. We need to be able to go beyond the "create once, publish everywhere" model, to "create once, publish to the right audience". We used Drupal, a living styleguide, Acquia Content Hub, and a custom Argonne-wide API providing access to internal systems to integrate the design, technical stack, and content across multiple websites. We've now launched three sites on this platform to serve the public and over 10,000 researchers, staff, and collaborators.

At Argonne, there's an intersection between internal and public information. News and events need to be publicized to the staff audience in addition to the public. Editors publish news and events on the intranet, then promote public-facing content to the public website.

The Intranet also serves as a daily hub for organizational users. As employees, we interact with tens of systems on a daily basis, and gathering information from disparate systems creates complexity. The intranet shifts that complexity from the user to the technology by consuming internal APIs for authentication and user roles, employee information, and organizational taxonomy.

This case-study presentation will review the challenges encountered in building a multi-site system sharing design, code, and content, and navigating business and security requirements as a government organization.

Learning Objectives
Our talk will focus on how we solved for three core challenges:

Implementing CI/CD
Consuming internal APIs to utilize and display business information
Example: Utilizing SSO for authentication and user role management
Integrating Acquia Content Hub to unify content editing and distribution
Target Audience
Communications, IT, and HR managers and directors
Systems integrators
Enterprise architects
Business analysts
Content needs of medium-to-large organizations
Working in multiple systems that operate independently
Organizations with regulatory and certification requirements

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