Distilling conversations into ready stories

Kelly Albrecht (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellyalbrecht/)

What conversations are we having?

We have lots of conversations as a team. Sometimes we are describing a problem and seeking a solution. Sometimes it's more about improving an already ok situation. Sometimes it's about a completely new idea trying to find its way into becoming real, and hopefully proving valuable. Whether we are doing something about something, building something for some reason, or simply improving something for the sake of improvement, our efforts at this stage seek alignment with others involved that can help as well as seeking a consistency with who we see ourselves to be and where we see ourselves going.

How do break all of this down into actionable, achievable, and testable items of work?

This presentation offers and overview of several techniques we can use along the way. In doing so, we'll explore Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, User Stories, Specification by Example, and Behavior Driven Development.

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