Drupal as the head in headless commerce

With all the talk of headless Drupal is there still a use for Drupal as the head in a headless system? Of course! We'll take a couple steps back from the bleeding edge to look at how a modern Drupal site can make sense as the front end in a headless system. Once we know the why we'll walk through the how. Using a commerce site as the example we'll go over integration approaches and specific patterns to keep in mind when writing the integration. Along the way I'll call out lessons learned that can save developers a lot of pain and confusion.

Attendees will leave with:
An understanding of Drupal’s strenghts as the front end in a headless system
Integration patterns to maximize system stability
Workarounds for common issues that may arise during development
Target Audience (how technical is this talk going to be?):
While this talk will delve into some of the technical aspects of this approach, anyone with an interest in commerce or headless systems will find value in its contents.

Kyle Einecker
Drupal Lead @ Avionos


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