Fantastic Beasts and How to Taxonomize Them (A wizarding guide to the Drupal Taxonomy System)

Organization is the very heart of a data-rich website. It is the difference between a valuable resource and an unusuable mess. This presentation will take a problem-based approach and show how to use the Drupal taxonomy system to give a website's data the structure that helps users browse and discover material, site managers order and curate content, and search engines rank pages.

When you first come to Drupal the taxonomy system can seem hopelessly abstract. It employs unfamiliar words and arcane-sounding concepts, but like any system of magic once you are initiated into it, it is an incredible source of power. We will explore it by engaging in a much more familiar and mundane task, the classification of magical creatures.
We will explore:

What taxonomies are and how they are helpful
How to create our own taxonomies
Some best practices for developing and curating taxonomy terms
The different ways to add taxonomic data (tags, categories, etc.) to content
How to use the views module to turn taxonomies into pages, sidebars, lists and tables without needing to touch code

Timothy Yoder
Senior Developer @ Atla

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