How my disabilities make me a better developer.

In this session, I will share the most important things I have learned from living with a disability, and how these things have helped me become a better developer.

As a person with cerebral palsy, everything I do in life is met with physical challenges. Whether it be typing, opening a door, or tying my shoes — everyday tasks require some creative problem solving to complete. The obstacles I overcome on a daily basis have taught me important lessons about how to better myself as a developer.

In 2019 I learned some very difficult lessons about self-care after a depression-related hospitalization. Since this time I have been working hard on being honest about how my mind and body are feeling. This shift in how I face problems has taught me how to better manage the stress I face in life and at work.

Matthew Ramir
Senior Web Developer @ Bounteous
Matthew is a product of Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood and very proud of it. He cultivated his passion for website development while apprenticing with a former computer science teacher in high school. He is a jack-of-all-trades, employing his skills in back-end development, server management, database management, and front-end development to expertly tackle a wide-range of client projects. Matthew stayed local to earn a degree in computer science from the University of Illinois in Chicago and has been working with Drupal since his graduation in 2013. He is also an Acquia Certified Grand Master.

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