No QA resources? You can still deliver a quality website

Having someone to focus on testing your site would be great, but that’s not your reality. How do you turn out a top-quality website without a tester on the team? Learn how to get your whole team invested in quality assurance and support QA regardless of who is wearing the QA hat. Now the project team will catch bugs before they get to production.

Attendees will learn how to:

Wear a QA hat

Set quality targets for your project
Plan for quality

Decide what testing tools (e.g. WAVE, Selenium, even Jira) and techniques will help

Reduce the burden of regression testing

Leave with:

A list of testing tools

A checklist of tests to consider (e.g. stress testing, failure testing, data integrity testing, etc.)

Sample test plans (small and large projects)

Example test scripts

Sadia Rodriguez
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst @ Bounteous
Sadia focuses on test planning, testing, and business analysis at Bounteous, where she is a part of vibrant Agile teams meeting the web solutions needs of clients. Thanks to her ability to find a bug in any hay- or code-stack, she transitioned seamlessly from developer via business analyst to quality assurance. From working with infrastructure teams to design load testing infrastructure, to teaching design teams to check for accessibility, to the nitty gritty of end-to-end integration testing, she’s done it all.

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