Return of the Clustering: Kubernetes for Drupal

In this 60-minute session, the audience is introduced to Kubernetes, and open source container orchestrator.

Kubernetes has become hugely popular outside of Drupal, yet inside our community we continue to rely on Drupal-tailored Platform As A Service companies such as Acquia and Pantheon. While these PaaS offerings provide free tiers to get started, many organizations are finding the continued burden of their hosting expenses untenable. Yet, building and maintaining one's own hosting at a similar scale is difficult, requiring a broad swath of knowledge to integrate disparate technologies.

This session introduces a simple and effecting Kubernetes architecture on which to host Drupal, and any PHP-based, website. Viewers are not expected to know what Kubernetes is, and only the general knowledge of what is a container is required. This session is particularly useful for organizations who require on-site hosting due to privacy concerns.

Tess Flynn
DevOps Engineer @ TEN7
Drupal, Docker, and occasional podcaster. Module maintainer for Flag and Healthcheck.

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