Stories to get you to the next level

When I first started out as a programmer, I was boxed into frontend developer roles while I really wanted to be a backend developer. It was a frustrating experience only being able to do what I knew how to do - instead of what I wanted to be good at. Over time and multiple roles on teams in the US and Canada, both governments and agencies, I was able to rise in the ranks from a junior frontend developer to a backend dev, a technical lead, the lead engineer, and currently, an engineer in developer relations.

Some of that can be attributed to being lucky and a ton of community labor, but a lot of it is strategies that I can share with you - from developer tools, to ideas for better communication, working on cross functional teams, picking up new skills, and suggestions for getting what you want out of your role - especially if you're an underrepresented minority in technology.

I'd like to share these 2-3 stories, lessons learned, and advice I wish I had to help you make the leap to the next level - whether you're a junior developer looking to become intermediate or a developer hoping to transition into a new specialty.

Attend if you'd like to hear stories about how you can:
gain confidence as a developer

grow and develop your career path in the direction you want

use cool tools to update your developer workflows

prep your pull requests in advance so your senior developer is super impressed

leverage your awesomeness to get a promotion/move to the next level

Fatima Sarah Khalid
Developer Programs Engineer @ Pantheon
Fatima is an adventurous civic hacker, software developer, and diversity & inclusion advocate. She’s deeply committed to making technology spaces more inclusive, and passionate about open source.

She recently joined Pantheon's Developer Relations team as a Developer Programs Engineer (DPE) where she works on code to build tools, give talks, write documentation, and engage with open source communities.

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