We Launched the Site! Now What?

For most website development projects, there’s a concentrated effort during the project itself -- everyone across the project team (clients, developers, project managers, business owners) is deeply engaged and focused on getting the site perfect for its debut to the world.

But what about afterward? What can we do to help our clients keep their sites fresh and engaging -- and keep ourselves excited (and profitable) while helping them?

Specific topics discussed during this session include:

Why is it important to keep our clients engaged after launch? (Hint: among other things, it’s good business)

What are some examples of ways to materially assist our clients after a site goes live?

What’s a good rhythm for making suggestions to clients?

Attendees will leave with a series of ideas/options on how to engage clients post-launch within their own culture and business framework.

This session is for project managers, account managers, and business owners who are looking to keep their client accounts engaged.

Users of all experience levels will benefit from the information provided, although users with several projects under their belts (launched and now under maintenance) will likely be more engaged, since they’ll be able to bring their own comparable experiences to the discussion.

Kelly Tetterton
Partner @ Clarity Partners


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