What is user journey mapping and why should I care?

Chad Hester

Slides: http://bit.ly/ausa-2019-user-journey-mapping

Understanding user journey maps will help you analyze a person's feelings, thoughts, and touchpoints as they move through different stages of a process. This is a user experience exercise that evaluates the behavior of users and the emotional impact on them during a series of tasks. Incorporating a user persona and other user research helps identify areas where we can improve user experience. These efforts can lead to more efficient and higher converting digital experiences.

User journey mapping is sometimes confused with user story mapping and user workflows, which is something clarified in this presentation. We will define each of these tools and evaluate their application with examples.

Learning Objectives:
- Create user personas and user journey maps
- Identify how journey maps differ from user story mapping and user workflows
- Improve website usability, human processes, and overall success with these tools

Target Audience:
The audience for this presentation is broad and can include: user experience designers, developers, marketing strategists, and business analysts.

No prior knowledge or prerequisites are needed to attend or gain value from this presentation. However, it will help to have a basic understanding of human behavior, conversion funnels, business goals, analytics, and user research.

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