Big Thinking Future of Humankind & AI Forum: Questions to programmers, engineers, scientists and PMs

Melissa Frydlo (bio below)

I have recently learned and begun to focus on the power and necessity of technology for evolution. I am of the opinion that AI is nothing to fear but absolutely a necessity of human kind in evolution. AI can be replaced with dangerous construction jobs such as welding nursing as we are currently experiencing for RNA and DNA viruses that do not have immunizations.

After writing this statement or when communicating these idea/s or products to an interested individual as well as during this summit, I quickly learn about similar products and advancements. This is reminiscent of Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey said; “…you don’t have to start from scratch to have a great idea…”

Three Questions:
1. Do you fear AI? What are advantages of bringing AI to market?
2. How are data sets collected for AI? Has anyone been involved in machine learning? How is smart evaluation criteria gathered?
3. What data would be collected for project managers to reduce redundant tasks for efficiency-sake?

Suggested Upcoming Meetups/Conversations /Agenda:
- MUT - The Happy Valley as a tech sub hub of Boston or even Silicon Valley.
- Hackathon Formats/Project Tournaments – Themed and un-themed, monetary rewards and no rewards
- Technology for innovators
- Communication between the clients and tech companies

Funding and a solid core and periphery contributors is needed to pursue these endeavors. Moreover communication and breaking the tech/client language barrier is the most difficult part of the process.

About the Speaker:
Melissa has been an entrepreneur since November 2017 and has been learning and working in the construction industry for a total 29 years. Melissa has a one-person construction management consulting company and is fortunate to join fantastic teams with incredible vision, expertise, dedication and persistence to build physical things and build them well.

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