Building faster websites... faster with JAMstack

Jim Fisk

You've probably heard terms like microservices, pre-rendering, and atomic deployments thrown around quite a lot in the dev community these days, but what's all this buzz about? Is this all marketing fluff or is it something I should pay attention to? The JAMstack Boston meetup alone has grow to almost 1,000 members in less than 2 years, and many world class organizations including Smashing Magazine, Nike, AirBnB, and IDEO have already moved over a substantial portion of their infrastructure to a JAMstack architecture.

In this talk we'll explore why people are so excited about the JAMstack, we'll take a look at the current state of this new ecosystem, and even try to pull back the blinds on where it's headed in the future. This session will cover:
- How the JAMstack can make your dev life easier
- Understanding what the limitations are
- Exploring how popular solutions (like Hugo and Gatsby) differ
- Looking at managing content in the browser (NetlifyCMS and Tina)
- Introducing new technology to get even more excited about

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