Diversity & Innovation Upside Down: Proactive Ways to Build an Inclusive Culture

Keynote by Kirsten Richert & Esmilda Abreu

Sponsored by Last Call Media (https://lastcallmedia.com/)

Studies show that diverse organizations are more innovative—but what if this was also true in reverse—that by intentionally facilitating a culture of innovation, you can proactively support diversity and foster an inclusive culture.

This keynote session will identify core elements of an inclusive culture and show how they overlap with innovation best practices. It will highlight key challenges to diversity, equity and inclusion that leaders must consider—hiring, retention, activation of expertise, and career advancement. Presenters will share three examples of proactive change initiatives that modeled inclusive behavior using a mixture of facilitated collaboration, active learning, and contemplative practices.

This fun, interactive talk will demonstrate how to go beyond basic diversity training and take strategic actions that shift an organization toward a culture of inclusion. Participants will be challenged to commit to one action they will take to actively promote diversity and innovation in their own organizations.

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