Have your cake and eat it too? Run your agency, keep your sanity.

You've ""made it."" You've grown your freelance practice into a bonafide digital agency. You have great employees, happy clients, steady revenue, etc. You (the captain of this ship) are running a successful agency by almost any measure, so why do things feel so chaotic? Why do you feel so stressed? Why are short-term needs always taking priority over strategic plans?

If you're anything like me (from just a short time ago), you've made yourself a linchpin to any and everything at your company. You're involved in just about everything your company touches. It's a lot. Maybe, like me, you work yourself to the bone to make sure the company succeeds. Failure is not an option. Your friends might even call you a ""workaholic"". You're always ""on"", always ready in case there is a fire that needs putting out. You save the day often, in fact, most of your time these days is spent saving the day...

If this sounds at all familiar, then this session is for you. I'll teach you how to regain control, to prioritize and delegate your tasks, and to get out of the trenches so that you can get back to doing your job: running the company.

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