Incident Management: Harnessing change and responding to disruption / DrupalCon Global 2020

"Have you worked on a project where the client changed product requirements half way through, drastically increasing scope? Perhaps they wanted to iterate in the design phase far longer than originally planned and priced? In Project Management, this type of impact on budget, timeline, and/or scope is often referred to as an ‘incident'. And in some shape or form, we’ve all had to manage an incident.

Clear communication internally to the project team and externally to the stakeholders/clients is critical when unpredictable incidents arise. Reputation, customer attrition, and time (or rather, budget) are all at stake for your team. During this session, we’ll explore how to foster open and clear communication through the decision making (advice) and incident management process. We’ll discuss how this method can be used to manage the high stakes during incidents, keeping them as low as possible, and how it can guide a potentially stressful situation and lead to positive outcomes. "

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