Cleaning Up Your (Data) Mess: Lessons from Dozens of Analytics Audits How Not to Create a Huge Mess

After four years of auditing (and fixing) clients’ disorganized Google #Analytics set-ups, convoluted Google Tag Manager implementation and other web #data messes, I’ve learned a lot about how NOT to set up your organization’s #website data. This presentation contains the top four common mistakes I see – and what I recommend to fix these issues.

We often think about what to track (Button clicks! Form submissions!) and how to analyze the resulting data. But this presentation takes a step back and asks: “do I have the data I need?” and “can actually trust the information I’m getting?” Here are the top things you will learn from this talk:
- How to plan for a new site: Launching a new website? Here’s what to think about ahead of time – so you can get reliable data on day one. Tips to decide if you need a new analytics account or Tag Manager container.
- Um, is my data even correct? Practical tips for troubleshooting your Google Analytics events and goals. Make sure what you think you are tracking is actually what you are tracking
- How to keep it simple and scalable: Tips for setting up your analytics accounts so it’s manageable by your team -- and can grow with your organization.
- Permissions, permissions, permissions: Don’t get in a situation where you need to chase down former employees for access to your own website data. How to set up your accounts, so you don’t ever have permissions issues.

🎤 Presenter: Emily Patterson
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