Self-Help Tips to Better Manage Your Drupal Site

What do the books Essentialism (McKeown), The Year of Less (Flanders), and Girl, Stop Apologizing (Hollis) have in common? What about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Kondo) or The Total Money Makeover (Ramsey)? They’re all books read by those, like me, in pursuit of a more meaningful, less stressful, and even better way of life. They promise clean homes and clear minds, but what if the principles of these books don’t just apply to managing our mental health or cluttered closets? They might apply to how we work, and more specifically, how we work with Drupal.

In this session we’re going to explore how some of the practical advice in popular self-help books can help us better perform our tasks in creating and managing Drupal websites. We’ll discover:

Why keeping the essential tasks at the forefront of your Drupal project is a must
Why decluttering your content enhances the morale and productivity of your team
Why focusing on one thing at a time is more efficient than focusing on all things at a time
How to let go of what you’ve always done, or what you’ve always used, for the better

All experience levels welcome.

🎤 Presenter: sfelder

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