Architecting Effective Data Dashboards

Dashboards and #data displays—features often presented with the “wow factor” in mind—can be deficient in providing end users with critical information. To effectively serve as an information resource—proper architecture is critical, and requires a ground-up approach. I’ll show you how—through discovery and co-creation with users, accounting for cognition and #accessibility, as well as selecting and refining effective #visualization types to tell an accurate data story.

In this session, you’ll learn:
* Discovery techniques for finding out what your users need, not just what they say
* Case studies on dashboards—and how you can apply them to your challenges
* Properly aligning users’ data needs with effective visualization types
* Refining these discoveries through iteration—with an eye on accessibility and #cognition

This session is geared toward anyone interested in helping users better understand their data story through improved dashboard and visualization experiences.

🎤 Presenter: karolus
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