Boost Your Visibility in Google Search: Implementing Schema in Drupal 8

Google search results often include snippets that answer key user questions before other #search listings. That means, if you want your site to appear, there are steps you must take to be featured and featured and benefit from additional brand exposure in search results. We tackled this issue from both a strategic and technical perspective.

In this session:
• We will walk you through the key concepts and some tactics for crafting and optimizing a structured data strategy.
• We will also show how we built on this strategy and worked with the MedicalEntity spec from, Google's Structured Data Testing Tool and the Metatag module in #Drupal 8 as part of our ongoing work with a major medical non-profit.
• Specifically, we will showcase how taking this approach can help with areas of your site like resource libraries, including the one that's funded by the Centers for Disease Control for our client.
• We will also discuss the patch we submitted to add support for MedicalEntity objects to the schema_metatag module.

🎤 Presenter(s): RyanMcBurney, natemow
🔗 Session Details:

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