Granicus meeting and asset importer (using Drupal + Feeds)

I would like to do a quick show-and-tell of a neat feature we're using on about 5 government sites I help maintain. This is a tool I built for #Drupal 7 using the feeds importer and a handful of additional modules. We are currently in the process of upgrading it to Drupal 9.

The #Granicus meeting importer pulls in information about upcoming meetings including date, time, location, agenda, packets, and other information like whether the session is open or closed. After the meeting has concluded, the importer will update the meeting with the minutes, and add a link to the video recording.

Because the Drupal tool uses standard #Feeds importers, it's fairly simple to adjust as needed for any given site.

* There's one HUGE caveat to using this tool: Granicus does NOT provide a feed suitable for pulling in this information. It will also be necessary to hire a developer to leverage TWO different Granicus APIs (both undocumented, and unmaintained) to generate a feed containing all the data needed to run this program.

🎤 Presenter: jenlampton
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