Supercharge your CMS - Powered by Data

In today's world, data powers everything from the ads you see in your instagram feed to the suggestions on your Netflix subscription. You probably use data to measure how your site is performing, report on your conversions and inform your decision making on what is and is not working. But why stop there? Why not use this same data to power your CMS?

Imagine a platform that seamlessly integrates your analytical data to supercharge your CMS. This new world opens up possibilities to harness the infinite power of data to make decisions for you, automagically (ok not really, but close!).

While most platforms (such as personalization platforms) focus only on the user-facing parts of your website, we will discuss opportunities to enhance both the customer facing and the internal CMS activities.

In this talk, we will discuss:
-Why would I want to integrate data into our CMS?
-What are some things that we could do with this data?
-How you can integrate Google Analytics data into your CMS.
-Short and Long term benefits of doing this.

Some example use cases on how data could enhance your everyday experience:
-Search Weighting - Push up results in your on-site search experience.
-Content Performance Indicators - Flag content which is underperforming and act on it.
-Page Health - Identify and correlate changes to content with analytical trends.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this talk you will understand:
-Why a product owner would want to use data to power their CMS
-Common tasks which can be automated with data

Target Audiences
-Product Owners interested in using data to enhance their website
-Marketing professionals who are tired of giving analytics reports to their content team on a daily basis
-Architects looking to understand how to incorporate data into a build
-Anyone who runs, works in, or builds a Drupal website

Pre Reqs
-A basic understanding of the internet and analytics

Presenters: _doyle_, adam.weingarten

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