Filters one o one

Kunal Kursija

The features and offerings of a content management system are directly proportional to its adoption across the web. The important features of any CMS are not always the ones that give clients everything out of the box, But the ones that allow clients and programmers to customize the system as per their need.

Drupal has been hitting the bull's eye since long time by providing many such features that are important while building any enterprise application. One such simple yet powerful feature provided by Drupal is the Text formats and Filters. Where text formats decide how the user input is displayed on the site. And filters actually sit at the core of text formats doing the actual processing and filtering of user input.

In this session we will be learning about:

Text formats and their importance

Filters: The hidden gems

Creating the custom filters

Enabling and using our custom filters across text formats

The Demo

Drupal has been powering sites with lots of user-generated content for years, securely and safely!

As a newbie to Drupal, This session will give you a clear picture on the “how?" aspect of it.

As an enterprise representative, This session will help you look beyond your play area and demand more from yourself and your developers.

And as a developer, This session will change your way of architecting content and text format related solutions.

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