Finding a Drupal Mentor: a How-to Guide for Kicking Your Career into High Gear

If you are a junior Drupal developer, you might be looking to find a mentor. If you're a senior Drupal developer, you may be looking for a mentee. If you're neither, you might be wondering where mentorship fits in your career–if at all.

It's no surprise, however, that a powerful mentor/mentee relationship can fast-track you toward rapid career/company growth. But if you went to find a mentor today, would you know what you need from the relationship?

Let's take some time to dive into mentorship as it relates to Drupal and engineering, and how you can get started discovering your next mentor/mentee as soon as possible.

Walk away learning more about:

Why mentor/mentee relationships are so important
Tips, tricks, and resources for improving your mentor/mentee relationships
How to overcome common Drupal & engineering mentorship obstacles
So, if you want to help bring out the best in people, let this talk support you in learning how to guide others–and yourself–to succeed.

Chris McGrath
CEO at Esteemed
Chris McGrath (@EsteemedTalent) is a veteran developer, entrepreneur and strategic advisor. He has worked on contract and via his agency for some of the largest organizations using Drupal. Now, he is the CEO of, a staffing platform for digital niches like Drupal, WordPress, and many others. Esteemed is the owner of Drupal Contractors, the largest provider of contract Drupal talent in the USA.

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