I have a great idea for a module! Now what?

One of the key strengths of Drupal is its flourishing ecosystem for contributed modules. Best of all, you can jump in and add yoour own module! All you really need is a good idea, though of course some programming knowledge, understanding of Drupal coding standards, and a few other technical things would help.

This talk will focus less on how to write code or what code you should write, and more on the process of creating a module, submitting it on Drupal.org, and getting it adopted by the community. We'll touch on such topics as:

Looking for similar modules that already exist
Getting help from the community
Submitting your module - sandbox or full project?
Getting the word out
You'll hear about the firsthand experiences in developing Smart Date, which went from an idea to one of the top 500 most popular modules on drupal.org in less than two years.

Senior Consultant, Digital Echidna at Northern (Digital Echidna)

Martin started his Drupal journey in 2005, with version 4.6. Since then, his passion the community has been shown in his frequent participation at Drupal user groups, local Drupalcamps, and Drupalcons, often as a speaker. He has been with Digital Echidna since 2015, where he currently goes by the moniker of Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect. He also maintains a number of contrib modules, including Smart Date, Search Overrides, and a few others.


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