Get Off the Island: What We Can Learn From Other CMS's

Creating a great content editor experience is key to Drupal’s success and to the success of every Drupal website. But to build an intuitive interface for content editors, we need to understand content editors’ expectations and what experience other CMS's are offering. In this session, I’ll demo findings of a study of CMS user experience. We’ll look at Craft CMS, Contentful, SquareSpace, and WordPress. Learn what these platforms do right, and what we can learn as Drupal site builders, developers, and contributors.

You'll learn how to:

Strike the right balance between flexibility and ease-of-use for content editors
Choose configuration options that make sense from the content editors' perspective
Understand how users perceive content editing tools and what makes a good content editor experience

Suzanne Dergacheva
Co-founder @ Evolving Web
Suzanne is the co-founder of Evolving Web, a web agency in Montreal specializing in Drupal. She's also a Drupal trainer and has trained teams at Georgia Tech, McGill University, Princeton University Press, the Chicago Botanic Garden, as well as numerous government departments, digital agencies, and arts organizations. She presents regularly at DrupalCons and Drupal Camps about content strategy and user experience.

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