Growing Pains: Moving from Developer to Manager

There you are, a senior developer, minding your own business when suddenly you are trusted (and thrusted) into a manager role. Now what? What should you do, and when is the right time to panic?

Let's go on a journey to learn how to make that transition a successful one.. from having to deal with immediate challenges like managing people that just a short time ago were your peers, all the way to how to set yourself up for future growth.

Going from a developer to a manager is essentially a career change, albeit in the same industry, yet it is a natural and expected progression in any agency.

Let's tackle that imposter syndrome head-on. As a direct manager or team leader, you have more to do with your team's happiness than anyone else in the company. Embrace that responsibility and learn to make everyone around you a better person and a better employee for the company.

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