Wordpress to Drupal 8 Migration: A Look at Process Plugins

So you want to move to Drupal from Wordpress?

The two weren't made to play nice together.

Learn from a real case study the how-to of migrating content from one CMS to another.

Our clients, a municipal government agency, were already using Drupal for their main site. The public relations department had built a secondary site in Wordpress that all parties now wanted to migrate to Drupal.

They wanted:
- to take advantage of Drupal's flexible content types and customizable views,
- the security Drupal offers,
- new custom search features,
- a consolidated site that would be easier to maintain.

The `wordpress_migrate` module provided initial lift-off. Then the real challenge began. In this presentation, you will discover some of the technical challenges we faced, and the process plugins we used to bring home a recent Wordpress to Drupal 8 migration.

Take a look at:
- The starting point including the basic principles of the migration,
- Some tricky bits, and,
- The plugins and plugin chains we used to migrate the content.


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