Writing Clean / Secure / Performant Code

Writing Clean / Secure / Performant Code isn't THAT hard... but an awful lot of people don't bother to do it. The question is... why?

My personal take is that as in so many things in life, many developers aren't equipped with the right tools for success. This session is all about integrating the right tools into your project to help you succeed!

In this session we'll look at #PHP examples for #Drupal 9 modules, examine how a "functionally" written module can be improved with things like Dependency Injection, #performance / #security review, coding standards, etc. We'll also dig into why these things are so important and why to some folks (like me) it might mean the difference in you getting hired to do a job (if you can demonstrate these concepts) and not getting the call back.

This will be a session heavily focused on PHP development and coding, so while all are welcome, it is advised that you have some proficiency in PHP, Composer, working with an IDE and terminal, etc. to get the most out of the session.

🎤 Presenter(s): mikemadison

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