Drupal Queued Batch Processing for Large Volume Transactions

There are occasions when transactions processing becomes a challenge due to the dataset being large in size, large in record volume, or both. This can result in the processing failing at any point before its completion. There is a silver lining in this dark cloud, and it is queued batch processing. It is likely that you are familiar with batch processing – executing activities in the background, with cron processing being the common example. Queued #batch #processing facilitates processing the batch in smaller chunks, thus avoiding the pitfalls that might be experienced, otherwise.

Using examples of entity and file processing, attendees will learn:
• The principles behind batch processing
• The principles behind processing a batch as a queue
• Different approaches to creating queued batch processes in code
• Launching execution from a link or from a form
• Ways to manage a queue
• The steps for displaying progress

🎤 Presenter(s): Jeff Greenberg, vlyalko

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