Machine Learning in Drupal with Tensorflow.js

Machine Learning and AI jobs have jumped by almost 75% over the past four years and are poised to keep growing. Investing in your education by learning more about these high-growth technologies is a solid strategy. But if you're not familiar with the tech, where should you start? #Drupal developer Rick Torzynski has the answer for you.

In this talk, you'll learn more about: Machine Learning (#ML) and Deep Learning as a discipline; How Drupal uses ML; Current ML modules in Drupal; the role of #Python and Jupyter Notebooks in ML; new capabilities provided by TensorFlow.js; how #TensorFlow.js is a game changer and, most importantly, a demo of Rick's newest development "TensorFlow.js", an ML-enabled Drupal Component module designed to facilitate ML-processing directly in Drupal. He'll also demonstrate the future of the module, demonstrating how it can play a strong role in enhancing government agency websites.

🎤 Presenter(s): mandolinrick

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